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This course includes:

11+ hours of on-demand video

Lifetime Access

Links and Resources to "Swinger Approved" clubs and vendors

Additional Resources on How To Read Body Language

Worksheets to help you navigate "The Lifestyle"

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What You'll Learn

  • A brief history of Swinging

  • Swinger lingo & terminology

  • Why "The Lifestyle" Is (Or Isn't) For You

  • Understanding what you want out of the lifestyle

  • Understanding what your partner wants out of the lifestyle

  • How to establish your "Rules"

  • How to find the best swinger couples...for you and your partner

  • How to best present you and your partner on swinging websites

  • How to best present you and your partner on your dates with other couples

  • How to read between the lines on other people's profiles

  • The 5 magic questions you can ask another couple to see if they're DTF (down to f**k)

  • Tips on how to prepare for your play date

  • How to graciously get out of a play date that is not going well

  • An introduction to the BDSM lifestyle for those who are curious

Bonus content

  • An exclusive interview with 3 "Chocolate Room" guys, and they're perspective on their roles in The Lifestyle

  • A frank conversation with a Pharmacist/Osteopath, who paid for some of his medical school by filming porn on sexually transmitted diseases

  • A conversation with a retired minister on "Reconciling Your Faith With The Lifestyle"

  • Hilarious videos portraying "The Lifestyle" from various perspectives


Finally, a complete course that addresses EVERYTHING you always wanted to know about "The Lifestyle," but didn't know to ask! If you're new to "The Lifestyle" and don't know who to trust...if you've been in "The Lifestyle" awhile but you're not meeting the right people...if you're tired of buying drinks until that couple you met on the internet looks like their pictures?  Keep finding the couples that are nothing but "DRAMA?"  Look no is here!

You found The Upside Down Pineapple Club!  The Upside Down Pineapple Club is a series of classes taught by Traci, The Dominatrix of Ditties, who was The #1 Female Entertainer for The Lifestyle in 2015-2018.  She made a living performing her musical comedy show about "the lifestyle" and traveled all over the world performing at Swinger Events, Swinger Cruises, and Nudist Resorts.  In between shows, she interviewed hundreds of avid "Lifestylers" and shares their insights, along with her own hilarious experiences and advice with you, so you can basically "get it on" with more people even faster!

Her 5 Magic Questions in the section "F**k It or Duck It" will save you hours of your time trying to woo the wrong couples, so you can politely move on to the couples that do it for you and your "boo."

This course is perfect for newbie and seasoned swingers, or those just curious why someone would want to step out of their marriage with their partner's knowledge AND consent.